The Realm                                    


A slight breeze brushes daintily over my skin without a hint of temperature change. The air I am surrounded by feels as if we are one in the same. I stop and inhale a vast breathe of mouthwatering air. Purity enters my body as a divine flavor is left lingering on my tongue.

Continuing forward I notice a glittery iridescence dancing along the soil with each step I take. The pale colored dirt combined with the subtle sparkling movement makes me feel as if I am walking down a magical pathway.

I raise my head to a foreign, yet familiar sound rushing to my ears. Swiftly I turn to my right and then to my left only to see a thick blanket of fog lining the trees on both sides of me. The fog blinds me from seeing the various sounds lurking from the other side.

A subtle glow seeping through the haze above us catches my eye. I follow its trail to a branch brimming with autumn leaves. Each leaf radiates with the colors of fall while creating a sun-kissed brilliance.

Captivated by my surroundings, I can’t help but ask myself if this could all be a dream. Dael told me I am not dreaming, yet I still cannot help but question otherwise.

How could a place like this truly exist? If there is even a small possibility of it being real, then why I am not afraid? Instead, my insides are raging with curiosity. What will be waiting for me at the end of this pathway? Will it be a prince, a castle, or maybe even a sublime field of wild flowers where I can run free and dance?

She also said I will eventually wake up at home, but when will that be? How will I explain this to my children, and how will continue on as if everything is normal? This is not normal. How did I even end up here and will I ever return?

I feel as though it is time for me to go. I feel as if I have been here for too long. I am ready to go home now. Please, I want to go home?         



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